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Impact and Safety testing services

CIC conducts leading research that provides highly effective solutions to our customers' requirements.

Falling Mass Drop Tower

We can test a variety of speciments including aluminium honeycomb, carbon fibre tubes, steering columns to FIA regulations and automotive trim components.


High Energy Capacity Drop Tower

Our high energy capacity and relatively high velocity drop tower rig provides the capability to test for dynamic responses of sections and joints for both metallic and composite materials.


Moment of Inertia and Centre of Gravity

The Moment of Inertia facilities are key to a variety of sectors including automotive and aerospace where inertia properties have important effects on the dynamics of a vehicle, component or system.


R66 Rollover Rig

Our R66 coach rollover rig was instrumental in the first virtual testing approach for coach rollover, approved by the UK Government. The regulation has been adopted by EU member states to improve safety by providing a safe zone within a vehicle during rollover.


Sled Impact Test Facility

The Sled Rig is VCA approved for EC Regulation R-80 and FIA approved for Formula One monocoque tests.


Static Testing

We can quasi-statically test a wide range of structures using a variety of rigs including: Roll Hoop, Adaptive T-Slot Bed and Panel Intrusion Test.


Sled Decelerator Testing

Our decelerator facility allows you to subject any components or dummies to pre-determined deceleration pulses.


High Speed Photography

High speed photography is the science of taking pictures of very fast phenomena. Photographs captured by a camera capable of 2,000 frames per second or greater.

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